The Mike Michaels Program holds a unique place in the San Diego music scene.  Songwriter, guitarist and singer Michael Hoisington brings us original music that can't be defined by just one genre.  It's rock, its blues.  It's acoustic, it's electric.   It's definitely a performance of authentic and tasty music and lyrics that connect with audiences of all types. 

Songs like "Shadows of Love" and "Without You" channel the pain of heartache and loss with honest accuracy.  "My Time" and "Turn Around" are craftily written and performed songs that offer hope and healing.  “Who’s That?” gets down and dirty using a traditional blues style. All of the music comes alive with Hoisington's dexterous guitar playing and raw, soulful vocals.  

Why is the band called "The Mike Michaels Program"?    Some people call him Mike.  Some people call him Michael.  The aliteration was pleasing, and the name stuck.  "The Mike Michaels Program" is the vehicle for this artist's entertaining and accomplished body of work.

The Mike Michaels Program has performed at 4th and B, Henesseys, Winstons, House Of Blues, Del Mar Fair, Go Lounge, The Stage Bar, Mr. Peabody's, The Skybox, Myerz Pourhouse and Casino Pauma in San Diego. 



Michael Hoisington - guitar and vocals

The Mike Michaels Program brings together this third generation Californians' unique life experiences and lifelong love affair with music.  Musical influences include Hendrix, Zappa, Neil Young and Hank Williams.  

Hoisington honed his chops performing with rock, soul and country bands while serving in the military, toured with the Northern California rock band "Nightwings,”  and spent a year playing guitar in a local San Diego hard rock band. 

Hoisington plays Fender guitars through a Korg PX-4.  Vocals are through a Shure SM58 and TC Helicon VoiceLive Play.

Hoisington has a music degree from UCSD and is a trademark attorney for a San Diego law firm.  In his spare time he performs with the Mike Michaels Program, and enjoys spending time with his wife Valerie on their small ranch in Jamul, California.