Album Cover
The Mike Michaels Program
Released: August 5, 2010
Track Listing
1 World Won't Stop
2 Shadows Of Love
3 In My Dreams
4 Plastic Princess
5 Forgiven Forgotten
6 Men Cry
7 Who Am I?
8 Come Back To Me
9 Last Romance
10 Quest For Fire
11 Your Love Giving Me Life
12 Day by Day (with Sahzad Banth and Victor Tsoi)

Liner Notes

These are demos were all recorded in my home studio over the past years.  None are perfect, but these sound pretty good to my ears.  Day by Day was recorded partly at the Secret Mountain Hideaway - a late night session with Sahzad and Victor.  Whisky was involved.

All songs © 2012 Michael Hoisington.  All Rights Reserved.